Is your Church live streaming Catholic Mass over the internet? Certainly, it is not the same as attending in person and RECEIVING the Eucharist in person. However, there are more people talking about the Mass than ever before. They miss it. They crave it. And they are willing to watch it on the internet to hear their pastor read the Gospel and share His word. The new buzz phrase is ‘An act of spiritual communion’.

Hence, the birth of VIRTUAL online conferences. And we don’t think that they are going to go away after the drama of the COVID-19 virus fades away. You won’t find them in our directory yet… but the first time we hear of a repeated virtual conference or if you hear about a new annual virtual conference, we wish to add it to our listing.

As an aside, at this time in history, you can watch a daily mass from any state or church in our country, or watch Pope Francis give his daily Homily. What a tremendous resource for Catholic families. Will you continue to watch daily mass if parishes around the country are willing to record them?